About us

BUILDBOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (BUILD)


BUILD has played a vital role in developing the industrial linkage for more than 25 years. The duties of BUILD are to act as an intermediary between manufacturers of ready-made products and small- and medium-sized manufacturers of parts, which will result in the linkage of industries and the transfer of production technology, leading to the strong growth in supporting industries in Thailand. All this provides a sound base for the sustainable development of the country’s industry as a whole.


BUILD’s Activities
  • Venders Meet Customers (VMC)
    BUILD, as an intermediary, initiated the Vendors Meet Customers Program (VMC) in order to match vendors/parts manufacturers with customers/Buyers. This program is to take parts manufacturers to visit selected buyers plants. Therefore, the parts manufacturers can view the overall of processes in Buyers plants This linkage opportunity assists the parts manufacturers to initiate business relationships for the supply of parts and components to buyers, while the buyers gain the information on new potential suppliers. Sourcing suitable parts locally, the buyers reap the benefits in terms of reducing difficulties and saving cost and time in sourcing parts.

  • Market place
    BUILD established marketplace to link buyers and parts manufacturers, serving as a one-stop shopping Sourcing center. In the market place, buyers are invited to exhibit their sample parts and to present their procurement policy and parts requirements. Through this program, buyers looking for localized parts and components are facilitated in sourcing parts with less difficulty, reduced cost and saved time.

  • Sourcing Service
    BUILD provides sourcing service to assist both Thai and foreign buyers to source parts and components in Thailand. When receiving enquiry from buyers, BUILD tries to identify potential suppliers following the buyers’ requirements. Supplier information will be submitted to the buyers for screening and approval. If required, one-on-one meetings can also be arranged for the buyers to meet and discuss individually with each potential supplier.

TOI Thai Overseas Investment (TOI)
Missions of the Thai Overseas Investment
  • Conduct comprehensive analysis, research, and data compilation of targeted countries, including Thai entrepreneurs and Thai overseas investments’ database.

  • Develop strategies and measures for investment linkage and to promote Thai investment in targeted countries.

  • Establish networks both domestically and internationally for investment connectivity, as well as to promote and disseminate investment opportunities to Thai entrepreneurs.

  • Develop cooperation and connect Thai businesses with knowledge-based networks and experts both in Thailand and abroad in pursuit of knowledge and technology transfer to Thai entrepreneurs.

  • Execute strategic initiatives in support of Thai overseas investment promotion, including monitoring and assessing performance.

  • Facilitate and promote collaboration between Thai and international entrepreneurs by offering advisory, promotional, and cooperative support in areas encompassing investment enhancement, upgrading technology, and joint venture opportunities. Additionally, deliver the training programs for Thai entrepreneurs venturing into foreign markets.

  • Provide post-investment support to Thai entrepreneurs.

Why invest overseas?
  • To expand the market
    Foreign direct investment will assist Thailand expand its markets overseas.

  • To find cheaper raw materials and labor
    Thailand still experiences a deficit in key natural resources essential for driving its economy, notably natural gas, electricity, and crude oil.

  • To identify risk and maintain financial market stability

  • To exchange and disseminate technological progress
    Keeping up with technological advancements in today's world is crucial by collaboration with international arena.

DDIDomestic Direct Investment (DDI)
Missions of the Domestic Direct Investment (DDI)
  • To study investment potential of, and develop and attract investment in the industries identified by the national strategies, national reform plan, and in the targeted areas in accordance with the government policies.

  • To develop strategies and promotional measures for attract investment and to build network for doing business in the targeted areas.

  • To execute strategic initiatives in support of domestic direct investment promotion and to promote the Investment Promotion Measure in Targeted Areas, Investment Promotion Measure for SMEs and Investment Promotion Measure for Social and Local Development to Thai entrepreneurs including monitoring and assessing performance.

  • To provide advice and information on Investment Promotion Measure in Targeted Areas, Investment Promotion Measure for SMEs and Investment Promotion Measure for Social and Local Development and BOI investment promotion.

  • To coordinate with the Regional Investment and Economic Centers 1 to 7